Ready for the treasure hunt? From Tuesday 2 March, travel with Ravenna Festival in search of stories, marvels, secrets that are hidden just behind the corner: for the whole month, the Festival’s social accounts welcome Travelling around the corner (Viaggiare sotto casa), a project by Laura Gramantieri, Silvia Giogoli, Luana Piccinini, and Francesco Antonelli. Every Tuesday and Friday, these four tour guides are going to narrate the city and its surroundings on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Festival, which plays host to a project aimed at discovering and rediscovering the historical, artistic, and naturalistic heritage that surrounds us. That zero-kilometre beauty, which is now more than ever indispensable for us all, is in the spotlight.

The itinerary, always in Italian and English, features four themes: the common thread chosen by Laura Gramantieri concerns women, while the past and present of mosaics are at the centre of Silvia Giogoli‘s tales; Luana Piccinini will lead us to the Romanesque parish churches in the surroundings of Ravenna, and Francesco Antonelli will devote its contribution to the connection between the territory and the harbour and seaside. Thus Ravenna Festival honours its vocation as a subject which is deeply rooted in the territory and draws inspiration from the city’s heritage for its programmes and activities. This complex period, which limits the chances of travelling to other regions and damages the whole tourism industry, can turn into an opportunity to rediscover what surrounds us, but also into an invitation for the Italian and international public to include Ravenna at the top of their travel wishlist in the next future.


Laura Gramantieri
Luana Piccinini
Francesco Antonelli
Silvia Giogoli