February 2018 - Ravenna Festival

News February 2018

15 February 2018
Autumn Trilogy between Poets and Mosaics

Ravenna is an imperative destination for history and art lovers: the mosaics of the ancient basilicas, Theoderic, Dante, and the many poets who sang the city, from Byron to Montale...

15 February 2018
Dante in the city of mosaics

Ravenna, mosaics, and Dante: this precious triptych combines a welcoming land, the undiminished beauty of ancient marvels, and the most read and well-known author in the world...

13 February 2018
2018 Autumn Trilogy

This year’s Trilogy revolves around that gaze upon time and the changes which have always characterised the passage from one century to the next, especially at the dawn of the 20th century.