On the 14th, 15th, and 16th of October the journey along the Danube river continues at lunch and dinner with the culinary events organised by CheftoChef emiliaromagnacuochi: the great food products from Hungary and Romagna star in the restaurants of the city, while on the stage of the Alighieri Theatre the surprising performances of Countess Maritza, The Bat, and The Merry Widow take place night after night.

During the first weekend of the Autumn Trilogy 2016, ten exceptional chefs explore and reinvent the gastronomic delights from Hungary and Romagna, presenting fish, meat, and forest products side by side with celebrated or yet-to-be-discovered wines. Besides, live Hungarian music will accompany every event.

Four restaurants in the city centre present Ungheria e Romagna a tavola insieme (Hungary and Romagna together at the table) featuring four-handed menus: chefs Mattia Borroni and Riccardo Agostini will welcome you at the Alexander restaurant, Marco Pasi and Pier Giorgio Parini will be at the Passatelli, the menu at the Acciuga will be created by Matteo Salbaroli and Vincenzo Camerucci, while the aperitif time at Casa Spadoni will feature Andrea Spada and Marco Cavallucci.

But the first-rate cuisine also reaches the MAR – Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna: on Saturday, October 15, at 1pm, the elegant location Loggetta Lombardesca will host the creativity of three starred chefs (Igles Corelli, Pier Giorgio Parini, and Mattia Borroni) for an exclusive lunch, a tribute to the “selvatico di pregio” (high-quality game meat) and the operetta splendours.

Info and booking +39 388 7233000 or Alexander Restaurant +39 (0)544 212967

And, throughout the Trilogy, the Hungarian wines will be served in 27 restaurants in Ravenna, thanks to the collaboration with Confesercenti and Confcommercio associations, thus turning the nights at the Theatre in an unforgettable experience of the Hungarian atmosphere and taste.

The events are organised by CheftoChef emiliaromagnacuochi, the cultural association created to encourage the evolution of the regional culinary arts through the alliance between starred chefs and the best producers in the Emilia Romagna region.