Dante: everybody’s or nobody’s, untouchable heritage or living culture? The Festival answers with Young Artists for Dante, the daily events in the Ancient Franciscan Cloisters by the poet’s Tomb, from June the 1st to July the 5th at 11 in the morning. There are students, actors, musicians, dancers; they are local artists and groups, or they answered to the international call for proposals, and stood out among the dozens applications. Week after week, they will reveal five points of view on Dante’s universe, at the crossroads between history and imagination, poetry and music, body and soul. In collaboration with the Municipality of Ravenna, Società Dante Alighieri, and Società Dantesca Italiana, and with the support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna, hosting the events in the Cloisters it owns, the Festival offers Young Artists for Dante to the audience of citizens and visitors at the symbolic admission fee of 1 euro.

Dante: so superior to be out of reach, father of the Italian language, a pillar of literature of all times, all places; the author of a work that mirrors and contains the whole world, human and divine. But also Dante: in the language the Italians speak everyday, in the ideas, in the opinions; his profile is unmistakable, symbol of a culture that still conquers the heart and the imagination of people from any tradition, any country. The Festival that has made of the city’s history the keystone of its own identity – looks forward to the year 2021, the 7th centenary of Dante’s death, while it thinks and rethinks Dante – not far, but very close – with the third edition of Young Artists for Dante.

Friday, the 1st of June, 21. La profezia di Dante (until June 7) renews the collaboration with the Liceo Artistico “Nervi–Severini” and brings to stage an imaginary meeting between two poets – Lord Byron and Dante – but also two different ages and aesthetics, wondering about the nature of chance and the art through theatre, music, set design, performance. Caronte…ad astratti furori (June 8 to 14) is a portrayal of the infamous ferryman Charon, charged with the transport of the souls into Hades; this solo choreography – presented in collaboration with Cantieri Danza and already a winner of the call Danza Urbana XL – was created by Stellario Di Blasi for 21-year-old dancer Danilo Smedile. Eighty years after the promulgation of the Italian Racial Laws, Dante ad Auschwitz (June 15 to 21) is an event of ‘artistic memory”, presented by Compagnia Exire, where Omero’s Odyssey, Dante’s Commedia, and the tragedy of Shoah in Primo Levi’s words meet; a play featuring also a violinist and a dancer. After tackling the past, it’s time for Dante Is Back (June 22 to 28) by Satiri di Storie, which takes Dante to 2018 to ponder over the frenzied rhythm of our age and our perception of time, so different from Dante’s: in the third millennium even Beatrice can be a popstar. Last but not least, Durante (June 29 to July 5): the Festival commissioned this contemporary opera on the Commedia to the music band EQU their CV features three albums, a visit to Sanremo, and important collaborations including theatrical works. The result is a journey through the subconscious, where words play the main role; frontmen Gabriele Graziani and Vanni Crociani will perform together with six versatile musicians.