In the occasion of every performance of the 2019 Autumn Trilogy, the audience will be able to use Lyri. This multilingual free app allows you to visualise the texts and plot from the libretto on your smartphone and tablet: thanks to the black background, to a very low battery usage, and to the real-time synchronization, Lyri does not spoil your attendance of the show and efficiently replaces surtitles. It is a welcome return of the app to the Alighieri Theatre, where it debuted in 2015, and another element contributing to a functional and comfortable experience at the Theatre.

Download the information sheet

1. Download the free app Lyri live from the App Store or Google Play
2. Once in the theatre, connect to the free WiFi “Lyri”
3. Launch the Lyri app and put in the following:
username: opera
password: opera

Support service

Every evening during the Autumn Trilogy, a Lyri help desk will be at your disposal for information and support in the foyer of the Alighieri Theatre.