America. The land of dreams, the land of great conflicts, but also the land of music. Why, then, not embarking on a journey of discovery across that boundless musical landscape? Starting from New York – the shiny, pulsating city that never sleeps – in the company of two kings of Broadway: Cole Porter, whose sparkling and irresistible musical Kiss Me, Kate Ravenna hosts with the production by Opera North; and George Gershwin, whose celebrated An American in Paris features in the concert led by Wayne Marshall. But the United States are also the motherland of Minimalism – of Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley: the latter’s pivotal In C is scheduled – and the motherland of Leonard Bernstein. The Festival remembers his 100th birthday with the concert led by Dennis Russell Davies. And if Bernstein’s Age of Anxiety, together with Bill T. Jones’s ballet A Letter to My Nephew, uncovers the darkest side of the American dream, David Byrne sings the American Utopia while Ute Lemper celebrates its Glamour and Rage.

A good reason to choose…

Wayne Marshall with the Cherubini Youth Orchestra – June 4 – Palazzo Mauro De André [discover more]
the American dream as told by Gershwin and Bernstein

Kiss Me, Kate – June 7, 8, 9 – Teatro Alighieri [discover more]
William Shakespeare meets Cole Porter meets Opera North

Terry Riley’s In C per ensemble – June 12 – Artificerie Almagià [discover more]
In C marked the birth of the Minimalism

Dennis Russell Davies with the Cherubini Youth Orchestra – June 16 – Palazzo Mauro De André [discover more]
to celebrate Leonard Bernstein’s 100th birthday

Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa Piano Duo – June 17 – Chiostro della Biblioteca Classense [discover more]
Keith Jarrett’s Ritual will be performed for the first time in Italy

James Conlon with the Orchestra Nazionale RAI – July 7 – Palazzo Mauro De André [discover more]
Dvorak’s From the New World symphony even landed on the Moon in 1969

A Letter to My Nephew by Bill T. Jones – July 11 – Teatro Alighieri [discover more]
one of the greatest choreographers alive, whose life experience represents a part of the US

Ute Lemper – July 16 – Teatro Diego Fabbri, Forlì [discover more]
no one like her sings verses and notes by Dylan, Porter, Waits, Bukowski

David Byrne – July 19 – Palazzo Mauro De André [discover more]
he founded the Talking Heads, won an Oscar and has got a unique voice