© Luca Concas

Il Trebbo in musica 2.2

Zerocalcare and Giancane

Giancane vocals and guitar
Alessio Lucchesi guitar
Michele Amoruso bass
Guglielmo Nodari keyboards
Claudio Gatta drumkit

original production Ravenna Festival-Woodworm

with the contribution of

It was with Tear Along the Dotted Line that Zerocalcare reached the wider audience of TV series. The story is a container for fragments of existence, the splinters of the cartoonist’s own life, accumulated in a short but important career creating art without compromise. The soundtrack by Giancane is not just an ornament here, but accompanies the protagonist’s transformations and his anger of growing up. For Zerocalcare, who had always designed covers and posters for underground bands, the series was also an opportunity to revisit his passions, films, books, and the albums of a lifetime. His close relationship with music now reaches a stage for the first time, in the form of a journey traced by graphics and sounds—both strictly live.

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