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Il Trebbo in musica 2.2
Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini

Una disperata vitalità
Musical speech for Pier Paolo Pasolini
by and with Vasco Brondi

Vasco Brondi vocals and guitar
Daniela Savoldi cello
Andrea Pesce piano
Andrea Faccioli guitar
Niccolò Fornabaio percussions
Gabriele Lazzarotti bass

special guests Davide Toffolo, Emanuele Trevi e Valentina Lodovini

original production Ravenna Festival

with the contribution of

Evocations, quotations: the title of an extraordinary collection of poems becomes a “meeting“, an echo of Pasolini’s feature-length documentary Love Meetings, which represented and unveiled an era. Now, it would be impossible for a show to contain Pasolini’s complex personality—not even a small part of it. It is possible, however, to try and grasp its strength, albeit in fragments. And this the attempt by Vasco Brondi, the talented mind behind the solo project called Le luci della centrale elettrica. Songs and music are thus confronted with words, meditations and verses by PPP, which turn into a sort of invisible narrative voice: his trips to Africa and India, the villages of his mother’s native Friuli, the outskirts of Rome, the cities of the Adriatic coast, a world that is no more, yet still exists. Meditations on the actuality of the past, meditations on eternity.

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