Il Trebbo in musica 2.4
From the plateau to the rift valley, rhythms and melodies that tell the stories of Ethiopian queens

Atse Tewodros Project
Gabriella Ghermandi vocals and narrator
Abu Gebre Keto washint (Ethiopian traditional flute)
Anteneh Teklemariam Barago Kirar acustico ed elettrificato (Ethiopian traditional lyra)
Fabrizio Puglisi piano and Fender Rhodes
Tommy Ruggero drumkit and West African percussions 
Misale Legesse Muleta Kebero (Ethiopian drum)
Camilla Missio electric bass
Endris Hassen Ahmed masinqo (Ethiopian single-stringed lute)

music Set nat, Saba, Boncho, Addis Abeba cuore africano, Baranche, Hendeke, Dink Hona, Kotiliddà, Gurage, Hagere Bete, Derrà

with the contribution of

Music and storytelling have much in common in any culture, but in Ethiopia the fusion of these two art forms almost transcends all boundaries. Indeed, it is precisely the cultural frontiers of the imagination that Gabriella Ghermandi, one of Italy’s leading experts on the “literature of migration”, has been exploring for decades. The present musical project, dedicated to the Ethiopian Emperor Atse Tewodros, reveals an unmistakable artistic and militant intention: to embrace modernity and interculturality while holding fast to the identity, culture and tradition of the countries of origin. Thus, a group of extraordinary Ethiopian musicians, spurred on by a ‘free’ jazz musician like Puglisi, are tackling all kinds of contamination so that their path will never know borders.