Romagna in fiore
Manuel Agnelli

Manuel Agnelli vocals and guitar
Beatrice Antolini keyboards, bass and vocals
Giacomo Rossetti bass and percussions
Frankie (Little Pieces of Marmelade) guitar
DD (Little Pieces of Marmelade) drumkit

Exactly one year has passed since the catastrophic floods that struck Romagna between the 2nd and 17th of May, wreaking havoc in the vast Po Valley: after heavy rains, numerous rivers and streams burst their banks, submerging the patchwork of towns and villages, while the fragile Apennine hillsides were devastated by landslides and mudslides. Exactly one year after all this, Romagna in fiore is here. Eight shows, eight extraordinary concerts, held in some of the worst affected towns, to pay tribute to the spirit of resilience that characterises this land, and to the tenacity of its people, who have struggled and are still struggling to recover and start again. Many great artists have accepted to contribute to this solidarity project: a true “festival within the festival”, supportive, inclusive and environmentally friendly.
This event will provide an excellent opportunity for meeting and discussion: thousands of visitors from all over Italy are expected to attend and spend a few leisurely days together, immersed in the beauty of nature, enjoying music and poetry, warmly welcomed by the people of Romagna. Together, they will celebrate the beauty of a land that risks neglect, and enjoy the unfailing hospitality that has always characterised this area, even in critical times. Together, they will work towards a fresh start, in a gesture of sincere solidarity. With untiring confidence, we are already seeing this new beginning taking shape, despite the challenges and the mud.

Manuel Agnelli is here with a special project, designed for musicians called to perform in the heart of the lands devastated by last year’s floods, where people make a living off the land and the sweat of their brows. The leader of Afterhours has now become a cornerstone of Italian culture for the vitality of his unfailing artistic inspiration and the rigour of an eye he has always focused on the ‘real country’, to which he makes no concessions. This has made him the perfect interlocutor between the ‘alternative’ music scene of the 1990s and the big media. In spite of himself, Agnelli is the perfect mediator of a genuine cross-generational dialogue, who was a Pygmalion for the emerging rock band Måneskin, and who revived David Bowie on Italian stages.

Parking and marked routes
from CAB Massari (Via Coronella, 116/A, Conselice, RA)
> km 3
vehicle accessible road

from Agriturismo Massari (Via Coronella, 110, Conselice, RA)
> km 4
vehicle accessible road

from Lavezzola
P resso Surgital (Via Bastia, 16, 48017 Lavezzola, RA)
> km 5
embankment route

Food stands organised in collaboration with: Agriturismo Massari

Free entrance, mandatory registration from 21 March
Info on the routes:

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