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A Life in Films: Luis Bacalov

a syncretic blend of music, theatre, and cinema designed by Luis Bacalov and Carlos Branca

Maria Grazia Cucinotta narrator
Vittorio De Scalzi (New Trolls) voice, flute, and keyboards 

and live music performed by
Biagio Labanca guitar
Massimo De Stephanis double bass
Fabio Tricomi flutes, oud, and percussions 
Marcello Corvino violin
Laura Sarti violin
Maurizio Brancone drumkit and percussions 

video technician Andrea Balducci

direction Carlos Branca and Rosanna Pavarini

with the patronage of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Italy

It will be a journey through the music and genius of the Argentine, naturalised Italian, composer, who found his natural expressive field in the cinema as well as in song-writing. A few names are enough to suggest the multifaceted richness of Bacalov’s music, who was a dear friend of Ennio Morricone as well as Claudio Villa’s pianist, and the untiring composer of hundreds of songs for RCA, from Mia Martini to Sergio Endrigo. A programme he had drawn up for himself before passing away in 2017 now proposes his great film scores, from Corbucci’s Django to Fellini’s Città delle donne, to Pasolini’s Gospel according to St Matthew. On stage as narrator is Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the protagonist of The Postman (Oscar for the Best Score), with De Scalzi of Italian prog-rock band New Trolls, whose legendary Concerto grosso had been composed by Bacalov.

The Programme