Il Trebbo in musica 2.4
with Paolo Fresu and Omar Sosa

Paolo Fresu trumpet, flugelhorn, sound effects
Omar Sosa piano, keyboards, sound effects

with the contribution of

The food-related background noises of rattling cutlery, clinking glasses, crackling embers, poured water and declaimed recipes form a tantalising backdrop to Food, both literally and conceptually. The show brings together what is possibly the world’s most famous Italian jazz musician today, Paolo Fresu, and the Cuban Omar Sosa, one of the most poetic and unpredictable pianists, whose sounds will evoke memories of food and flavours, without forgetting that what we eat is also a synonym for environment, community, ethics and equity. And that cooking, like music, is the fruit of contamination, cross-fertilisation and sharing: «The task of both chefs and musicians is to assemble varied and colourful mosaics. The more authentic and precious the tiles, the more they will touch the chords of love and the soul» (Carlin Petrini).