Il Trebbo in musica 2.4
Vince Vallicelli e I Ruvidi
70th anniversary of Romagna mia

talk with Riccarda Casadei curated by Pierfrancesco Pacoda

Vince Vallicelli drumkit, percussions, vocals
Roberto Villa bass and double bass 
Vanni Crociani piano
Fabio Mazzin guitars
Gionata Costa cello
Andrea Costa violin
Alessandro and Francesco Maltoni backing vocals

production Ravenna Festival

with the contribution of

As old as rock’n’roll itself, the Romagna anthem has never been afraid of age—exactly like those things that seem to have been around forever. Released almost by chance by Secondo Casadei, “Romagna mia” kept American music off the dance floors of our ‘European California’ for a long time. Indeed, this song has penetrated the hearts of the people of Romagna, overcoming stereotypes and misappropriations, and has remained unscathed, always reappearing as an unshakable certainty whenever it is needed. Even in the mud, in May 2023, “Romagna mia” gave a united voice to all those who refused to surrender. Going well beyond the composer’s intentions is the most beautiful gift a song can give to its author—a fate that befalls those songs that are made of the same stuff as a nation’s identity.