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Music, mainly jazz and of the singer-songwriter kind, but always of a high standard, as well as art films. And the aroma of cappelletti, together with a glass of wine. Today, the Teatro Socjale in Piangipane offers this and so much more. It is a valuable location for cultural events and a meeting place…thus returning to its origins. On 7 September 1911, the Cooperativa Agricola Braccianti bought land on which to build a theatre. All works stopped when the war broke out, and then began again in 1920. Guided by master masons, labourers worked in their spare time and the building was inaugurated in 1921. According to the testimony of the interior designer, the “i” in Sociale was replaced with the “j” to improve the harmony of the writing. The theatre has its own retro-style elegance, inspired by Art Nouveau: a large auditorium, a wooden stage, and a wraparound gallery. There were no fixed chairs, for every performance each person brought their own from home. This was the case for large concerts, operas, operettas, dances, and masquerade balls. It also later served as a cinema. Then, at the end of the seventies, it went into decline. The desire for culture and entertainment had not disappeared however, and in 1990 the Circolo Arci Teatro Socjale was born – organised by a group of young people with the aim of livening up Friday nights. During the first year they organised jazz and blues concerts with beer, wine, and home-made cappelletti. The following year, this new course of events was enhanced by a Tuesday evening film. Only one delicate but not impossible phase remained: the complete restoration of the building. Work was under way from 2004 to the end of 2006, with events resuming in 2007. The best Italian jazz musicians, and national and international artists, have appeared on this stage. Ravenna Festival has not failed to grasp the potential of this extremely versatile space, choosing it as a venue for some events.

Getting here

Via Piangipane, 153 – Piangipane (RA)
E-mail: info@teatrosocjale.it

Events in this venue

Il Concerto fiume
Il Concerto fiume
direzione artistica di Giovanni Sollima With the adventure of the 100cellos, Giovanni Sollima, with his valiant companion Enrico Melozzi, has shown...

16 giugno 2016
Piangipane, Teatro Socjale
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