CLASSIS Ravenna. Museum of the City and of the Territory - Ravenna Festival

Classis Ravenna is one of the most important archaeological museums in Italy and a real travel backwards in history.
Housed in the ex-sugar factory of Classe, it stretches over an exhibition area of 2800 square metres, surrounded by a green park of one and a half hectares always open to the public.
Inside, the rich museum heritage of 600 artifacts shows the different phases of the history of Ravenna, touching some of the most important periods, like the origins between Etruscans and Umbrians, the Roman Age, the Imperial Age, Ravenna during Theoderic’s reign and the Byzantine conquest.
Along the imaginary timeline “Linea del Tempo”, in-depth analyses and specific themes are developed through modern technological, graphical and 3D tools, highlighting some aspects of the city and of the territory that marked people’s life over the past centuries. In this way, visitors get to known themes like the growth and the development of the city, the old fleet and navigation system, the practice of faith, the artistic production, the funerary customs and much more.
Classis Ravenna is also an active didactic hub with specific itineraries for schools, offering workshops of study and renovation carried out in collaboration with Universities and other institutions.
It builds, together with the Ancient Port of Classe and the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, the Archaeological Park of Classe, which will be completed in the future with the musealization of one last site – the Basilica of San Severo.

Getting here

Via Classense, 29 – Classe
Tel. 0544 473678

Events in this venue

Qualunque melodia più dolce suona
Qualunque melodia più dolce suona
Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini, Orchestra LaCorelli

from 1 June to 28 July | at 6.30 pm
CLASSIS Ravenna. Museum of the City and of the Territory
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