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Il Trebbo in musica 2.2
Viva il chiaro di luna!

Not only musical digressions on the pale companion of our nights

by and with Corrado Augias
piano Aurelio Canonici

with the contribution of

The moon has always held a great fascination for mankind: since times of old, our pale night-star has shone, near yet far, inspiring poets, writers and musicians who have described, imagined and sung it. So, reversing the outrageous Futurist motto—“let’s murder the moonshine”—into its opposite, one of the most popular icons of Italian culture, Corrado Augias, will go through some moving and poetic pages ranging from Leopardi to Calvino, with many references to other cultures, Japanese literature, and more. An almost “didactic” journey complemented by music, featuring world-famous works by Beethoven, Debussy, or Bellini performed by a skilled pianist and communicator like Aurelio Canonici.

Il Trebbo 2.2 Magazine