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Ravenna Festival in Cervia – Milano Marittima
Il Trebbo in musica 2.1

Vi raccontiamo Lucio Dalla

by and with Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldo
with the participation of the Stefano Di Battista Jazz Quartet

Stefano Di Battista saxophone
Luigi Del Prete drums
Andrea Rea piano
Daniele Sorrentino double bass

with the contribution of

His fingers were too short for the piano; his knowledge of music was not enough to compose; his looks were uncomely; he had collected a series of failures in the record industry; he was not an intellectual. Yet, he has come to be recognised as one of the greatest singer-songwriters in the history of Italian music. Assante and Castaldo, two authorities in music journalism, have drawn Lucio Dalla’s portrait in a biography that narrates the life and music of this artist, born on March 4, 1943, extremely popular yet unpredictable and indecipherable, equally at ease with pop music, songwriting and jazz, and striking up friendships with lyricists and poets. The same interpretative key will be chosen by a most successful Italian jazz talent, Stefano Di Battista’s quartet, signed up with the prestigious Blue Note label.

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