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The New-Found Song of the Lyre

Vespri Ciprioti

music Jean Hanelle and Cypriot tradition

Björn Schmelze

A cantor at Cambrai Cathedral, Jean Hanelle was possibly a teacher of Guillaume Dufay. He then was the chapel master at the French court of Lusignan in Cyprus, and, according to Karl Kügle, he is the author of the ars subtilior cycle found in the Codex Turin J.II.9 (Turin University Library). The manuscript ideally follows the Jerusalem liturgy, in the same way that the pseudo-Byzantine icon of the Cambrai Madonna was believed to be an original by St Luke. Ensemble Graindelavoix presents a selection of Maronite and Greek-Byzantine antiphons from the Turin Codex with a view to reviving the full melodic refinery of Hanelle’s motets according to the Renaissance concept of musica colorata, and redefining their style in the light of the Byzantine musical tradition.

About 1h without intermission

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