Mario Brunello / Virgilio Sieni
Un amico
Tribute to Ezio Bosso’s music world

choreography e spazio  Virgilio Sieni
cello Mario Brunello
piano Maria Semeraro

Compagnia Virgilio Sieni
Giulia Di Guardo, Maurizio Giunti, Jari Boldrini, Valentina Squarzoni

music Arvo Pärt, John Cage, Johann Sebastian Bach, Olivier Messiaen, Ezio Bosso

lighting design Andrea Narese

production Centro Nazionale di produzione della danza Virgilio Sieni, Ravenna Festival, Opera Estate Festival Veneto, Settimane musicali di Stresa, Festival Internazionale
with the collaboration of Antiruggine srl
world premiere

«Ezio’s music is pure, honest, made up of just a few notes, but it has a hidden expressive potential, an irrepressible explosive charge like even a simple flower with a few petals can have». The friendship between Ezio Bosso and Mario Brunello was a deep and complex one, and the cellist commemorates it today by pairing Roots, a sonata that Bosso dedicated to him, with a choreography by Virgilio Sieni, an experimenter in the field of dance. A combination that, Sieni says, «restores a sense of love so powerful that it makes you think of the body as a flash of light. Dance then becomes an extreme gesture, a form of love born of the feeling of being alive […] Duets, quartets, and solos then convey the tactile quality of a space conceived as a vortex, a turbulence that each time arises from the details of the movement, becomes one with the Whole, and vice versa». It is an experience to be lived.