© Marco Parollo

rewriting from Aristophanes’s The Birds

dramaturgy and direction Marco Martinelli
music Ambrogio Sparagna

with sixty teenagers of the Istituto Liceale E. Pascal di Pompei, Istituto Superiore Tecnico-Tecnologico e Professionale “E. Pantaleo” di Torre del Greco,
Dalla Parte dei Bambini, Foqus Fondazione Quartieri Spagnoli, Arrevuoto-Teatro di Napoli

Ambrogio Sparagna accordion
Erasmo Treglia violino a tromba, shawm, flauto armonico
Clara Graziano accordion, tammorra
Antonio “Lione” Matrone tammorra, bass drum

set and lighting design Vincent Longuemare
costume design Roberta Mattera

assistant directors Valeria Pollice and Gianni Vastarella in collaboration with Vincenzo Salzano
lighting Theo Longuemare

production Parco archeologico di Pompei
in collaboration with Ravenna Festival, Teatro delle Albe/Ravenna Teatro, Teatro di Napoli-Teatro Nazionale, Giffoni Film Festival, ERT/ Teatro Nazionale
thanks to the teachers of the school involved in the project and to Rosa Miecchi for the choreographic movements

Aristophanes is not just old museum stuff: he is an angry teenager. His pages bring together the swamp and the sky, politics and boundless desires. Pages that come back to life when they are “translated” by teenagers, as Marco Martinelli has been showing us for thirty years with his non-school, founded in Ravenna and then successfully exported: their Aristofane a Scampia was recently awarded the 2021 French critics’ association award as “Best book about drama”. Uccelli narrates an escape from the world, with the dream of soaring above the misery of everyday life, and also the danger that this revolution might turn into the most vicious of restorations. And with every step, the sparkle of a “coloured” chorus, comic invention woven into the lyrical power of the verses, the central fire of music and dance.

The Programme