Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini
Via Sancti Romualdi 2022

Tra poesia e società
remembering Pier Paolo Pasolini for the 100th anniversary of his birth and David Maria Turoldo thirty years after his death 

a talk with Goffredo Fofi literary and film critic
narrator Matteo Gatta
introduction by 
Daniele Morelli

in collaboration with Associazione Romagna-Camaldoli

On hearing the news of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s violent death, Alberto Moravia was outraged over the murder of a poet; other friends of Pasolini’s, instead, were distressed over the murder of a man. Indeed, every poet, before obtaining a title that raises him above the ordinary life we all share, is first and foremost a man. And it was on the scrutiny and experience of such common humanity, its hardships, its ties with evil and its yearning for good, that Pasolini built his art, in a blend of secular commitment and an almost religious concern for the poor and needy. This tension somehow binds him to Father David Maria Turoldo, a Christian priest and poet who shared his Friulan origins, and who, like him, was considered troublesome by civil and ecclesiastical powers.