The Long Night of the Balfolk

at 7 pm
Music and songs of the Apennines tradition (le 4 province) 
Stefano Valla fife, vocals
Daniele Scurati accordion, vocals
with Fabio Rinaudo bagpipes

at 7.45 pm
Music from Auvergne
Michel Esbelin cabrette
Tiennet Simonnin accordéon

at 8.30 pm
Music from Bretagne
Erwan Hamon bombarda, flute
Janick Martin accordion

at 9.15 pm
Musica from Poitou
Ciac Boum
Christian Pacher violin, vocals, animations
Julien Padovani accordeon, vocals
Alban Pacher violin, vocals

at 10.30 pm
Music and songs from Salento
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
Mauro Durante vocals, percussions, violin
Alessia Tondo vocals
Silvia Perrone dance
Giulio Bianco bagpipe, harmonica, flutes and folk wind instruments, bass
Massimiliano Morabito accordion
Emanuele Licci voce, guitar, bouzouki
Giancarlo Paglialunga vocals, tamburieddhu, percussions
Francesco Aiello sound engineer

in the afternoon from 3 pm to 5.30 pm
Teatro Socjale di Piangipane
Folk Dances Workshop
teacher Elena Spotti
musician Walter Rizzo bagpipe and gironda

production Ravenna Festival

This year, the Long Night at the Palazzo San Giacomo will be a sort of twinning between the French hills and the Italian Apennines, exploring, mixing and promoting the folk traditions of the two countries. A common thread, more than just morphological, links the taranta of Salento to the Celtic allusions found in the folk music of Brittany and Poitou: a resonance of accordions and barrel organs, bagpipes and hornpipes that echo the tales and songs of the troubadours. This is also the case with the songs of the Auvergne, so fertile that they have inspired the creativity of 20th century composers such as Joseph Canteloube and Luciano Berio, who have brought tradition into the complexity of the contemporary world, where the sounds that smell of eternity find refuge in a bold naturalness.