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Ravenna Festival in Cervia – Milano Marittima
PER L’ALTO SALE – Il trebbo in musica 2.0

Stefano Boeri
Architettura e Natura

Paolo Fresu trumpet
Daniele Di Bonaventura bandoneon

in partnership with Elastica Live & Comunicazione

Today, the signals of mankind’s violent encroachment upon the vital sphere of other living species are loud and clear, and the consequences leave no doubt: only science will be able to answer. One thing is certain, though: the pandemic that is upsetting our lives and affecting the population of the entire planet must lead us to reflect. Every city in the world is at a crossroads: it can either continue to grow, consuming rich agricultural land, woods and natural landscape, and causing continual plant biodiversity loss, or it can choose to protect such biodiversity and promote a new alliance between man and nature. This is the idea that informs the work of internationally-renowned and influential architect Stefano Boeri, who will confront the audience on the need to devise a transition to a new urban dimension where biodiversity is a point of strength and beauty. Like his well-known project of urban forestation, Milan’s Vertical Forest. Boeri’s revolutionary and fascinating architectures are somehow reflected in the musical architectures designed by another great protagonist of Italian culture: Paolo Fresu, a world-famous jazz idol. The evolutions of his trumpet express the passion, generosity, intelligence, tireless creativity and organizational verve of a musician who, while maintaining firm roots in the heart of his Sardinia, can speak to the whole world.

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