She, Elle, Lei
Voices of water and earth, sounds of the sea and the sand

Almar’a / Female Orchestra of the Mediterranean
Ginevra Di Marco
BabelNova Orchestra
in collaboration with Festival delle Culture

Turkey, Eritrea, Tunisia, Egypt, Ecuador, Argentina, and Italy are some of the countries that confidently showcase the voices and instruments that star in this show, on stage together from beginning to end. Not a mere parade of individuals, but a testament to the power of choral work and the beautiful outcome of the encounter of different feelings and cultures seen from a female perspective, as the title suggests. Di Marco’s significant background in Italian and international popular music serves as a powerful link between two of the most interesting and inclusive ‘ethnic’ groups on the contemporary Italian scene: the recently-established Arab women’s orchestra and the renowned Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio, with songs and tales featuring different women and languages. Music may not be able to change the world, but it can certainly make it a better place..