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On the centenary of the birth of Giovanni Testori (1923-1993)
Sandro Lombardi reads Testori

Mater Strangosciàs, 7.30 pm

Gli angeli dello sterminio, 9.30 pm
with the participation of Francesca Ciocchetti
Rosa Pitino

A “strange sweetness”, as Walter Siti puts it, animates the torrent of confused, dialectal, mangled, sibilant but necessary words that the late Testori seems to have wished to bequeath not only to posterity but also to Sandro Lombardi himself, who probably owes the most convincing achievements of his long career to the dense and versatile pen of the Milanese genius. An actor of unusual intensity, Lombardi does not smooth over literary roughness and is used to plunging into emotional depths where others fear to tread. Twenty years later, he returns to Testori, the witness to the end, the poet of the Milanese apocalypse, the devotee of a stranguished Madonna, and dedicates an “unbridled ode to life” to those who have known torment.

In occasion of the event: Talk with Sandro Lombardi, Luca Doninelli and Giuseppe Frangi

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