© Luca Concas

Aspettando il 1917

Fausto Malcovati teacher of Russian literature at the University of Milan
with Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic / ErosAntEros

Quartetto Noûs
Tiziano Baviera violin
Alberto Franchin violin
Sara Dambruoso viola
Tommaso Tesini cello
will perform
Quartet n arcs. 8 in C minor, op. 110 by Dmitrij Dmitrievič Šostakovič

Fausto Malcovati, an historian and an expert in Russian culture, literature and drama, introduces the ErosAntEros show just a few hours before its début. The author of the first biography of Stanislavski (Laterza, 2004), of a study on Meyerhold’s end (2011), and of a recent work on Chekhov (Il medico, la moglie, l’amante. Come Cechov cornificava la moglie-medicina con l’amante-letteratura, Marcos y Marcos, 2016), Malcovati also edited the Italian translations of works by Dostoevsky, Gogol, Turgenev… and, last but not least, received the UBU 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. Here he will interact with the protagonists of tonight’s show about its contents. Like Shostakovich’s String Quartet no. 8, performed here by Quartet Noûs in its original, full version, to be later manipulated and “distorted” through live electronics for 1917.

about 1h 30’ without intermission