© Marco Parollo

Il Trebbo in musica 2.3

Qualche estate fa
Life, poetry and music of Franco Califano

with Claudia Gerini
and Solis String Quartet

script and text Stefano Valanzuolo
songs by Franco Califano rearranged by Antonio Di Francia
direction Massimiliano Vado

production IMARTS – International Music and Arts

with the contribution of

The artistic story of Franco Califano has always been deliberately intertwined with his human story, so much so that his personality has often overshadowed the author of so many hits. Qualche estate fa is now attempting to rebalance these two dimensions, using some of his hits as the starting point for the narrative of the author’s life. In order to avoid the temptation of reproducing the stereotype of the womaniser, and to prevent a risky comparison with the original, the narrative is presented from the female point of view. Thus, nine scenes are narrated by different women, mostly fictional characters, who tell stories related to the reality of Califano, the man and the artist.
Each scene culminates in a song, making music the caption of the story.

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