© Marco Borrelli

Ravenna Festival in Cervia – Milano Marittima
Il Trebbo in musica 2.1

from the book of the same title by Marco Belpoliti (Einaudi, 2021)

talk curated by Emiliano Visconti
with Marco Belpoliti
and the participation of Giovanni Lindo Ferretti
In collaboration with Rapsodia Festival and the Cervia Municipal Library “Maria Goia”

followed by

Giovanni Lindo Ferretti
in concert
A cuor contento

with Ezio Bonicelli electric guitar and violin
Luca A. Rossi bass, electric guitar, and electronic drums

with the contribution of

“An autobiography in the form of a landscape”. This is how Marco Belpoliti defines his book on the Po Valley: not a treatise, nor a historiographical essay, but a delving into the cultural imagination and the collective history of a “crucially important region of Italy, faced with an identity crisis”. Belpoliti’s investigation involves many “children” of this land (like the Ravenna-based Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari), and draws the map of a future that tries to match the past in passions, ethics and history. The region of Emilia looms distant, yet it is close; homely, yet “paranoid”. Emilia also features as the poetic and biographical epicentre of Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, another explorer of worlds and cultures, who will revive the most iconic repertoire of CCCP and CSI “with a happy heart”.

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