or the extraordinary adventures of Kalila and Dimna

A coproduction CISIM|LODC and Ravenna Festival

artistic direction Luigi Dadina, Lanfranco Vicari
Luigi Dadina
dramaturgy Tahar Lamri

artistic collaboration Spazio A – Camilla Berardi, Marco Montanari, Marco Saccomandi
organisational management
Federica Francesca Vicari
organisational coordination Hiba Alif, Greta Mini, Marco Molari, Federica Savorelli
set design Alessandra Carini, Nicola Montalbini
costume supervision Alessandra Carini, Nicola Montalbini, Federica Savorelli, Federica Francesca Vicari
music and arrangements Francesco Giampaoli
songwriting Lanfranco Vicari

music management Francesco Giampaoli, Enrico Bocchini
choir management Jessica Doccioli, Lanfranco Vicari
stage management Massimiliano Benini
graphic designer Silvia Montanari
technical manager Matteo Rossi

on the stage Camilla Berardi, Marco Montanari, Marco Saccomandi &amp, Il Coro del Grande Teatro di Lido

with the collaboration of Ravenna Teatro / Albe e Equidistanze | Residenze Artistiche
photographer Nicola Baldazzi
video recording Antropotopia
created with the support of Comune di Ravenna
coproduction CISIM|LODC and Ravenna Festival

Kalila and Dimna are two jackals at the court of the Lion King. While Kalila is content with his condition, Dimna craves power and honour, and will use any means necessary to achieve them. A powerful and mysterious voice comes from the swamp and terrorises the King. Dimna sees this voice as an opportunity to fulfil his dreams of glory, ignoring Kalila’s warnings. Intrigue, conspiracy, lies and cunning: for Dimna, any means will do to achieve his ends. The Panchatantrawas a Sanskrit collection of animal tales, written around the 3rd century and translated into Arabic in the 8th century by Ibn al-Muqaffa as Kalila and Dimna, itself a masterpiece of Arabic artistic prose that would provide inspiration for La Fontaine’s fables. The choir of the Grande Teatro di Lido Adriano returns to take on a masterpiece that unveils the Eastern roots of the West.