© Luca Concas

Orchestra Notturna Clandestina
conductor Enrico Melozzi

solo Leila Shirvani
special guest
Giovanni Sollima

The Dark Side of W.A. Mozart
Symphony no. 40 in G minor (1st mov.)
Idomeneo’s Ouverture
Symphony n. 25 in G minor (1st mov.)

The Show Must Go On!
from Don Giovanni all’Inferno by E. Melozzi
Third scene
from Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart
Trio and final choir: “Don Giovanni a cenar teco…”

Il Di(v)o del violoncello
F.J. Haydn Cello concerto in C Major
G. Sollima Igiul (from L.B. Files)
G. Sollima Aria (from Aquilarco)
Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit

An arranger sui generis, capable of weaving dizzying plots behind the liveliest talents of Italian pop music, Enrico Melozzi imposed himself as Giovanni Sollima’s fellow traveller in the extraordinary 100 Cellos project, launched in a theatre that had been occupied by artists and performers in Rome. Also a product of Melozzi’s restless personality and contagious enthusiasm, the Orchestra Notturna Clandestina has recently been the protagonist of outstanding “classical music raves”, night-long ‘musicthons’ intended to bridge the existing gap between young audiences and classical composers like Bach, Mozart or Beethoven. This singular ensemble, featuring Sollima himself, will grace our Festival with a truly unprecedented programme.

The Programme