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Ravenna Festival in Cervia – Milano Marittima
PER L’ALTO SALE – Il trebbo in musica 2.0

Ivano Marescotti
Omaggio a Tonino Guerra
per i 100 anni dalla nascita

with Paolo Damiani double bass and live electronics

A tribute to Tonino Guerra opens Per l’alto sale, a true Festival-within-the-Festival to be entirely staged in Cervia, and featuring some great protagonists of the Italian cultural debate and the music of international artists. Named after the local tradition of ‘treb’, when farmers would spend winter evenings in the stable to be entertained by tales and verbal and vocal games, the season of the “Trebbi Poetici” was first conceived by Walter Della Monica and Antonio Comello in a camping in Milano Marittima. Between 1956 and 1960, this tradition brought such giants of Italian literature as Ungaretti and Montale to the audiences of Cervia and many other Italian cities.
In order to revive this tradition, no one could be better than Ivano Marescotti: well known for his association with Raffaello Baldini, whose poetic and theatrical work he interpreted, Marescotti also obtained approval for translating into the dialect of his native village, Villanova by Bagnacavallo, the poetry of Tonino Guerra, with whom he shares a love for poetry and film. Marescotti’s voice will propose selected poems from the collections Il miele, Il viaggio and I bu with the accompaniment of Paolo Damiani’s double bass and live electronics in an unprecedented mix of archaic words and musical modernity.

Tickets of the events featured in Per l’alto sale – Il Trebbo in musica 2.0 can be purchased through the general sales channels [read more], but also from:
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– IAT Milano Marittima Piazzale Napoli 30 (every day 10-13 |16-19)
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the ticket office at the venue, open from 20.30 Stadio dei Pini “Germano Todoli”, Viale Ravenna 61, Milano Marittima (RA)

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