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Il Trebbo in musica 2.2

Tribute to Franco Battiato
Over and Over again

Angelo Privitera piano and keyboards 
Fabio Cinti vocals 
with Nuovo Quartetto Italiano
Alessandro Simoncini, Luigi Mazza violins 
Demetrio Comuzzi viola
Marco Ferri cello 

with the contribution of

Exactly 40 years ago, La voce del padrone, with its unprecedented use of electronics and almost two million copies sold, was a real revolution in Italian pop music and on our entire musical scene. Not to mention the disarming novelty of the lyrics, the result of a perfect alchemy between erudite references and subtle irony: «I’m looking for a perpetual centre of gravity… over and over again». On stage now are the artists who have long collaborated with the Maestro: Privitera, who knows every nuance of Battiato’s sounds; Cinti, whose “gentle arrangement” of Battiato’s legendary album got him a Tenco prize, and the Quartetto Italiano, who accompanied the singer and composer on many tours. They will recreate onstage the unimpaired atmosphere and emotions of one of the protagonists of our time.

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