© Marco Parollo

Compagnia Teatrale Menoventi

concept Consuelo Battiston and Gianni Farina
with Consuelo Battiston and Francesco Pennacchia
direction and lighting design Gianni Farina

music and sound design Andrea Gianessi
set design Andrea Montesi, Gianni Farina
with the consultation of Enrico Isola and Daniele Torcellini
costumes Consuelo Battiston, Elisa Alberghi
graphics Tania Zoffoli
voices Tamara Balducci, Leonardo Bianconi, Maria Donnoli, Chiara Lagani
organization Maria Donnoli, Marco Molduzzi
communication and promotion Maria Donnoli
administration Marco Molduzzi, Stefano Toma

production Menoventi / E Production, Ravenna Festival, Accademia Perduta Romagna Teatri, Operaestate Festival Veneto/CSC
in collaboration with Masque teatro

Odradek is a modern fable inspired by the caveats of Günther Anders and the quirks of Franz Kafka. In the household of M, an ordinary woman holed up in her domestic comfort zone, every wish is fulfilled even before it is conceived. The spiral of conformism has eliminated all whims, and made the predictions of marketing infallible. In this bewitching world, Q is an unwitting deliveryman that works for the largest express courier company in the delivery sector, the ubiquitous Odradek. The relationship between the two raises unusual questions: where do the objects come from? And the messages? Who is at the other end of the line? A breakdown in the electrical system allows these mass hermits to catch a glimpse of the invisible fabric of the world, sparking a clash between environment and ambition, a battle between illusion and imagination.

The Programme