A bridge of brotherhood through art and culture
The Roads of Friendship
Non dirmi che hai paura
musical theatre work based on Giuseppe Catozzella’s novel by the same name
based on an idea by Giorgia Massaro

supervision to the stage adaptation Giuseppe Catozzella
direction Laura Ruocco
artistic supervision Ivan Stefanutti
original music and arrangements Alessandro Baldessari
music Peter Gabriel and Jill Gabriel (performed under license by Real World Music Ltd)
music director Andrea Calandrini

choreography Giulio Benvenuti
lighting design Emanuele Agliati
sound designer Enrico Porcelli
set design Matteo Benvenuti
video direction and graphic animations artistic direction Alessandro Parrello
with the video participation of some members of the Refugee Olympic Team Project

production Ravenna Festival
in collaboration with Andrea Maia – Teatro Golden, Roma
thanks to Marco Baldazzi – Officina delle Arti, Cesenatico
with the patronage of CONI and UNHCR


Why do people run? Some run to get somewhere, others to escape fear, and some to save themselves and their country. Some chase a dream, others run for freedom. Samia Yusuf Omar, a young Somali athlete, runs precisely for this reason. She dreams of getting away from war, poverty and religious zeal that insult her as a woman, and runs for the Olympics. Giuseppe Catozzella has told her story, intense and full of hope, in a novel that now takes shape in a performance where the narration is imbued with the power of the theatre, the energy of dance and music, and the immediacy of video projections, to rediscover Samia’s indomitable optimism, passion, and joy, and to raise awareness.