© Silvia Lelli

The Festival in Lugo
Homage to Fabrizio De André
Neri Marcorè e GnuQuartet
“Come una specie di sorriso”

Stefano Cabrera cello
Roberto Izzo violin
Raffaele Rebaudengo viola
Francesca Rapetti flute

Simone Talone percussions
Domenico Mariorenzi guitar
Flavia Barbacetto, Angelica Dettori voices
Stefano Cabrera arrangements and orchestration

Most people will recognise in the title a verse from De André’s Il pescatore: this is in fact Neri Marcoré’s tribute for the 20th anniversary of the Genoese singer-songwriter’s death. In Neri’s own words: “The project has a touch of irony, since I don’t take myself too seriously. I don’t pretend I am a chansonnier: I simply feel like singing along with the audience. The setlist reflects my personal tastes, with that specific line in mind: ‘with some sort of a smile’.” Casting off his Thespian clothes, Marcoré thus lends his voice to De André’s least known titles, and cuts a personal path through “the peculiar point of view of his music and lyrics, since Fabrizio was truly unprejudiced, and always took sides with the weak, the different, the oppressed and the minorities, without mental barriers.”

The Programme