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Nada in concert
La paura va via da sé se i pensieri brillano

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Nada’s velvety voice, imbued with evocative passions that tell of a sensual, mysterious universe, has in recent years become a major source of inspiration for a large and highly creative group of artists from the ‘new’ Italian rock scene. This is largely due to a series of records of crystal-clear beauty, embellished with an international soundscape and produced by English guitarist John Parish, a close collaborator of Nada and musicians such as PJ Harvey and the Eels. Her new album, La paura va via da sé se i pensieri brillano, is a compelling catalogue of emotions that follow one another like a whirlpool: from anger to declarations of love, from joy to anxiety, in a personal, private journey that Nada’s voice evokes in each of us from the very first note.

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