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Ravenna Festival in Cervia – Milano Marittima
PER L’ALTO SALE – Il trebbo in musica 2.0

Melania Mazzucco

Rita Marcotulli piano

in partnership with Elastica Live & Comunicazione

“Instead, it was the plague. […] the authorities closed down the schools and gave students a rest; they ordered the monasteries to stock on food supplies for twenty days, and prevented orphans from attending funerals. On Sunday they suspended all courts proceedings, and banned all meetings and gatherings. On Monday the Pope declared he was ready to die in Rome.”
1656 was a crucial year in the artistic career of Plautilla Briccia, the architect whose life is narrated with an extraordinary wealth of details and historical truths in Melania Mazzucco’s L’architettrice (published by Einaudi). These pages inevitably and dramatically take us back to the present, yet there is so much more in this book, which portrays the creative ferment of a period when artists, popes, and architects were giving Rome its present shape. Among those great men was Plautilla, the first female architect of modern history, and the exceptionally intelligent and tenacious designer of a Villa on the Janiculum and of a chapel in the Church of St Louis of the French. Mazzucco gives her a new voice after a long period of oblivion. As a counterpoint, another talented woman, Rita Marcotulli, an internationally renowned jazz pianist and composer, features as the “architect” of unmistakable musical plots.

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