Il Trebbo in musica 2.4
Margherita Vicario

Orchestra La Corelli
conductor Giovanni Pallotti

curated by Pierfrancesco Pacoda

coproduction Ravenna Festival, Mittelfest and Borgate dal Vivo

with the contribution of

Actress, musician, podcast author and debutant director of the acclaimed Gloria!, nominated to compete for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Margherita Vicario is also a singer who uses the seduction of melody to tell touching everyday stories. It is no coincidence that Vinicio Capossela chose her to feature in his “La cattiva educazione”, one of the most intense tracks on his latest album. At the time, she was on tour, telling everyday stories that combined social awareness with pop nonchalance: adventures of madness and war, as in “Magia”; pleas for women’s rights, as in “Ave Maria”; questions about the planet we inhabit in an increasingly unsustainable way, as in “Tragicamente ottimisti”. Fragments of a musical discourse that invites us to think with the light, soft tone of songs, enriched for the first time by the sounds of a real classical orchestra.