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Il Trebbo in musica 2.3

Little Boy
Unbelievable and true story of the atomic bomb

by and with Roberto Mercadini
music Dario Giovannini performed live

a Sillaba production

with the contribution of

“Little Boy” was the code name for the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945: a hideously sarcastic nickname for what proved to be the deadliest massacre in history. Roberto Mercadini storyteller, author, actor, popular communicator and self-proclaimed “talking poet” will tell its story with his well-known irony and passion, from the beginnings of quantum physics to the detonation. Backed by the soundtrack of an accomplished experimenter like Dario Giovannini, himself a ‘borderline’ artist, Mercadini will explore the contradictions of this story: irony and horror, flawless calculations and absurd coincidences, genius and idiocy, questions that either have too many answers or no answer at all—except one that points out to the folly of man and the inexplicable paradox that is man himself.

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