© Marco Borrelli

Once again, the 100 Cellos turn Ravenna into the city of the cello
artistic directors Giovanni Sollima and Enrico Melozzi

The final concert of the 100 Cellos

Let’s Prog!
The 100 Cellos in concert with PFM

Franz di Cioccio vocals, drumkit, percussions
Patrick Djivas bass
Alessandro Scaglione keyboards and choirs
Marco Sfogli electric guitar
Lucio Fabbri violin

One of the fundamental characteristics of progressive rock is hardly remembered: by forsaking catchy refrains, radio-ready lengths and danceable rhythms, the generation that, in the 1970s, saw the future of rock in a sort of ‘level up’ to ‘classical’ music, did away with the ‘cult of personality’ that had formed the basis for the disruptive success of youth music, and replaced it with a purely musical ambition, devoid of dogma.
For decades, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Italy’s foremost progressive rock band, let themselves be guided by the mesmeric power of sound, and by a sense of adventure and creative challenge. And thus it is just natural that they were destined for a close encounter with the 100 Cellos, an “instrumental creature” of unprecedented proportions just as impossible to pigeonhole, and equally committed to surfing the creative waves of an ocean of sound.

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