Music of the Soul at Villa Masini

Naïssam Jalal
Quest of the Invisible
Naïssam Jalal flute, vocals, ney, compositions
Leonardo Montana piano
Apostolos Sideris double bass

Elina Duni & Rob Luft
Songs for Love and Exile

Elina Duni vocals
Rob Luft guitar
Kiril Tufekcievski double bass
Viktor Filipovski drumkit

in collaboration with Agrisofia

“Tenor of the angels” or “velvet voice”: these were some of the appellatives given to Angelo Masini, one of the greatest protagonists of 19th century opera. Masini was a native of Forlì who, after achieving international success, returned to Romagna at the beginning of the 20th century electing the “Castellaccio” as his country residence. The beautiful garden of this eighteenth-century villa will now bring back the mansion’s ancient musical splendour with two extraordinary artists and their ensembles. These are the French-Syrian flutist, singer and composer Nassam Jalal, and Elina Duni, of Albanian origin, accompanied by the London guitarist Rob Luft, who will perform songs from their latest album, Lost Ships, in which Duni showcases her vocal abilities by singing in nine different languages, drawing from the traditional repertoires of Albania, Kosovo, Armenia, and southern Italy. For her part, Nassam Jalal will take the audience on an exploration of the invisible through a repertoire that blends extra-Western mystical music and modal jazz, where silence is central and rhythm leads to trance in a repetitive and hypnotic form.