Laurie Anderson: Let X=X

with Sex Mob

with Steven Bernstein, Doug Weiselman, Kenny Wooleson, Tony Scherr, Briggin Kraus

Italian exclusive

Not only is Laurie Anderson one of the least easily pigeonholed musicians of all time, but, as an artist, she pushes the boundaries of all the expressive media she tackles, revealing their unfathomable potential and implementing new solutions and combinations. From sound poetry to video-scenic experimentation, from Fluxus performances to hit parades (O Supermanwas the least predictable hit of the 1980s), for this new adventure Anderson revives Let X=X, a track from her masterpiece album Big Science(1982), a successful minimalist synthesis of Steve Reich and Robert Ashley. Its clever combination of avant-garde theatre and pop music soon became a milestone in a dazzling musical experience, concocted with a group of great veterans of New York’s downtown scene.