© Zani-Casadio

The Night of Rap
with Rancore

Rancore  vocals
Mattia Crescini keyboard and sequences
Cristiano Campana bass
Cesare Petulicchio drum

opening act
Young IR
Toni Dj


with Nicola Peruch keyboards
Francesco Checco Giampaoli electric bass and drum machine
Tony Lattuga Dj, Efx, finger-drumming
Nox vocals

For years, rap has been the most practised musical style in the world. Now it is more than a genre: it is an image, and a production method that serves as a reference point for a considerable part of the music market. Among its thousand currents and styles, a few artists have distinguished themselves in what experts call “Lyrical rap”, relying on literary experiments and clever wordplay rather than the explicit street-style bluntness that plays an important part in the historical iconography of the genre. The new generation of local rappers will be led by Moder, other expert musicians and Rancore, a torch-bearer of Italian rap, to demonstrate their skills at visionary lyricism and their mastery of metrics, and to overcome prejudice with a view to a brighter future.