© Luca Concas

The Night of Prog
UNO nel Tutto

dedicated to Danilo Rustici

Stefano Pilia (Afterhours) guitar
Roberto Dell’Era (Afterhours) bass and main vocals
Enrico Gabrielli (Calibro 35) keyboards, flutes, and vocals
Enzo Vince Vallicelli (Uno) drumkit and vocals
and Sara Zaccarelli vocals

Italian premiere

“Is there a drummer in the house?” This was the question Danilo Rustici asked after Tony Esposito stormed off the stage where two former members of Osanna were trying to launch their new project, Uno. It was a life-changing moment for Vince Vallicelli, the Romagna-born drummer of Hellza Poppin, who had learned the tricks of the trade with Secondo Casadei and was now ready to join the big league of Italian progressive rock. The experience of Uno was short-lived and resulted in just one album, but generated legions of enthusiastic fans. Among them is the extraordinary composer and multi-instrumentalist Enrico Gabrielli who, with two other members of Afterhours, now enthusiastically re-proposes the music of Uno, not to “slavishly” repeat it, but rather to start anew from its creative energy and build a completely new project, in step with the times but deeply respecting the legacies of a mythical past.

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