© Luca Concas

Young Artists for Dante
Coppelia Theatre
Io son dolce sirena

direction, set design, and stage machinery Ilenia Biffi
artistic consultancy Francesca della Monica

Maria Sole Brusa dramaturgy and performance
Michele Di Mauro vocals
Irene Catani dance and performance
Alberto Canestro drammaturgia fisica e coreografica

in collaboration with Teatro del Drago

Science and poetry, technology and theatre, biorobotics and dance: it is through a continuous delving into the very concept of hybrid, woman-animal, woman-machine, that the audience is invited to relive Dante’s dream described in canto XIX of Purgatorio. There we meet two women: the Stuttering Female, whose woman’s body, rising from the ground on large lion paws, as in a nightmare, is transformed by covering itself with feathers; then, Ethereal, in symbiosis and antithesis, the Angel of Zeal. Thus we rediscover, just like Dante, the reality lurking behind appearances in the contrast between greed for material goods and the love of knowledge. An exclusive and refined theatrical engineering project that reawakens the Poet in a atmosphere of sound articulated by the texts of Dino Campana and amplified by the music of Stefano Bechini.

The Programme