© Luca Concas

Young Artists for Dante

direction and choreography Carlo Massari
performers C&C Company
narrator Andrea de Luca
music composed by the students of the Composition class of M° Mauro Montalbetti and performed by the Ensemble 20.21 of the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Giuseppe Verdi”


The beginning. A new one, perhaps, after a long silence. The start of a rebirth. Scraps of bodies, lost voices and lost souls gather and try to rediscover themselves, fit together, embrace, converse, and generate new forms.
Inspired by Dante’s Vita Nuova, this creation unfolds in a variety of performative languages, and tries to narrate the present as it opens up to future possibilities. The project is based on original scores by the students of the local “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory, coordinated by Mauro Montalbetti and performed live by actor-singer Andrea De Luca. Music will be the driving force behind the performance by the C&C Company, whose founder Carlo Massari signs the production.

The Programme