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Il Trebbo in musica 2.2
Il Quiz di Cervia
by and with Gene Gnocchi

accordion Christian Ravaglioli

Massimo Medri
Andrea “Pelo” Di Giorgio

with the contribution of

A quote commonly attributed to Eduardo De Filippo states that «comedy is the art of concealing the intent to make people laugh». Gene Gnocchi is a master of such “studied carelessness“, and has been a protagonist in the history of Italian TV comedy for over thirty years. The present show is no exception, in all its peculiarity: how can you make people laugh with a quiz about Cervia? This is a challenge that Gene takes on in a comic game that, he says, «will raise a laugh as well as teach something new.» The mayor of Cervia will challenge a contestant chosen in the audience on themes ranging from Cervia’s salt traditions to the legends of the Romagna Riviera, from the history of Milano Marittima to the history of ballroom dancing.

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