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Folías & Canarios
From the Old to the New World

Hespèrion XXI

Jordi Savall viol and conduction

Xavier Díaz-Latorre guitar
Andrew Lawrence-King Spanish Baroque harp
Pedro Estevan percussions

music by Diego Ortiz, Francesco Corbetta, Tobias Hume, Pedro Guerrero, Antonio de Cabezón, Santiago de Murcia, Antonio Martín y Coll, Francisco Correa de Arauxo, Antonio Valente e autori anonimi

with the support of the Culture Department of Catalunya and Ramon Llull Institute

For Jordi Savall, the interpretation of early music in the light of traditional repertoires is not just an artistic practice but a way of stimulating encounters between people with very different languages and cultures. It is in this spirit that, while visiting Calais in 2016, he did not flinch when one of the migrants from the “jungle” started improvising with him on his dambura lute in a performance that soon involved more musicians. In this programme, dedicated to Latin America, Savall explores the context of another violent colonisation, which, however, managed to generate a mestizo reworking of the Hispanic baroque repertoire, blending with unparalleled evocative power the rhythmic and harmonic structures of the Old World with the sounds and voices resulting from a “creolisation” of the conquerors’ musical style.

The Programme