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Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pasolini’s Johann Sebastian Bach

from poetry to cinema

Giuseppe Gibboni violin
Ermanna Montanari voice

Sonatas and Partitas Johann Sebastian Bach
texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini
dramaturgy Marco Martinelli

Violin sonata no. 1 in G minor BWV 1001
Adagio, Fuga. Allegro, Siciliana, Presto

Violin partita no. 2 in D minor BWV 1004

Violin partita no. 3 in E major BWV 1006
Preludio, Loure, Gavotte en rondeau

original production by Ravenna Festival

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s first musical love were Bach’s Solo violin works, which the Slovenian violinist Pina Kalc introduced to him during her stay in Friuli, in 1943. Pasolini even briefly considered the idea of learning the violin, but desisted. His passion, though, resulted in the Studies on Bach’s Style, a musicological work inspired by the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin BWV 1001-1006, and left unfinished. Pasolini, however, leaked his fascination with Bach into his films, from Accattone to The Gospel according to St Matthew. The “Unaccompanied works” are the other side of Bach: not the rigorous organist, but the sensual, refined master of the bow who could infuse his “voice” with both light and shadow, abstract thought and the materiality of speech. Flesh and heaven, as Pasolini termed it.

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