© Luca Concas

Frank Zappa
The Yellow Shark

PMCE – Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble
Fondazione Musica per Roma
conductor Tonino Battista
Marcello Nardis dramatic reading

It took Frank Zappa a lifetime to shake off the image of transgressive genius and freak that had made him a star in the annals of rock music. Only months before his death, in 1992, he secured a place in the empyrean of ‘art music’ when some twenty of his orchestral compositions, old and new, were performed as a suite at the Frankfurt Festival, which featured composers such as Cage and Stockhausen.
Bringing The Yellow Shark back to the stage means tackling the monumental perfectionism of the composer of Cucamonga, a feat that has challenged the then-conductor Peter Rundel for years. Now the Parco della Musica Contemporary Ensemble will take up the challenge make up of extraordinary soloists.

The Programme